1968: Connecting Chaos


Tyler School of Art


joe scorsone

In the history of any country, there are, arguably, years that are of greater significance than others. 1968 was an earth-shaking, watershed year in the United States, when people rose up across the globe to assert their own power and opinion. 1968 was a year where assassinations, war, and protest were juxtaposed against progress in music, technology, and film. It was a time when the nation hurtled, full speed into extreme self-awareness. This poster book reflects upon the unrest and disorder of the year by visually connecting major events in a non-linear way, emulating the constantly conflicting feelings of chaos and hope 1968 manifested. 


"In 1968, America was a wounded nation. The wounds were moral ones; the Vietnam War and three summers of inner-city riots had inflicted them on the national soul, challenging Americans' belief that they were a uniquely noble and honorable people."

-Thurston Clarke